We Are
Business Owners

We think like owners of businesses, rather than holders of stocks. The touchstone of our approach is the idea that a share of stock entitles its owner to an interest in the profits of a business enterprise.

We are a registered investment adviser best known for managing Sequoia Fund, along with related separately managed accounts. Our related advisers also manage private partnerships that pursue other strategies aligned with our investment philosophy.

We Invest with a
Long‑Term Mindset

We research businesses with the idea of owning them for many years – and often decades.

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We Are Students of Business

We try to focus on things we can understand, like the quality of a business and the competence of its management, rather than things we think are hard to understand, like the near-term prospects of the economy and the future direction of the stock market.

Investment Strategies

We Are True Partners to Our Clients

We talk plainly about our failures and successes and try to treat our clients as true partners. We are committed to doing right by them in all the ways that can be counted, and the many that can’t.

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