A Single Firm,

A Single Philosophy,

Multiple Expressions


July 1970

This is our oldest strategy, developed by our firm’s founders and refined by our team over decades. Sequoia is a concentrated, long-only, value-oriented equity strategy focused on domestic mid- and large-cap companies. While we research and own a wide range of businesses, we prefer quality companies run by outstanding management teams that can grow their earnings attractively over long periods of time. In all our investments, we aim to create a margin of safety by purchasing our interest in a business for a discount to our estimate of its intrinsic value. We try to capitalize on the depth of our research by concentrating our capital in a small and carefully selected group of companies. Sequoia is available in the form of a separately managed account (Sequoia Strategy SMA) and a mutual fund (Sequoia Fund). Investment minimums apply.


June 1996

Greg Alexander

Acacia’s goal is to earn above-average long-term returns with less than average risk of long-term capital loss by investing in a portfolio of what we believe are extremely well-run and highly profitable companies possessed of attractive economics and identifiable competitive advantages, diversified across multiple industries and selling at asymmetrically low prices.

Acacia strives to go where the opportunities are greatest and valuations the most compelling, with meaningful investments in certain foreign markets over the past twenty-five years.


November 2019

Hyperion is a heavily concentrated, fully invested, long-only, global equity strategy with the objective of compounding capital at high rates of return over the long term. The portfolio generally consists of 7-15 positions and does not use leverage. Hyperion’s holdings reflect an intensive fundamental research process focused on identifying quality businesses run by what we believe are great management teams that we can own for many years.


August 2018

Poplar is a global, absolute-return-oriented strategy that aims to grow inflation-adjusted spending power for foundations, endowments and other investors with substantial annual spending needs. The portfolio generally consists of around 15 intensively researched positions, with investments frequently spanning equities and fixed-income securities, as well as developed and emerging geographies. The Poplar strategy places a particular emphasis on capital preservation and resilience to macro conditions.


July 2007

John Harris

Wishbone is a concentrated, opportunistic, long-only global investment strategy with a broad mandate. Investments typically include equities and equity-like securities across the full spectrum of geography and market capitalization.

Each of the Acacia, Hyperion, Poplar and Wishbone strategies is managed by one of the three related firms: Conifer Management, LLC, Hyperion Capital Advisors, LP, or Wishbone Management, LP (the “Related Advisers”). The Related Advisers are SEC-registered investment advisers that share offices, personnel, ideas, research, resources, services, and back-office architecture with the Firm. See Items 6, 10, and 11 of the Firm’s Form ADV Part 2A for additional information about the Related Advisers.

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