Eric Liu

Eric is an analyst on the Sequoia team and a Partner of Ruane Cunniff.

Having joined Ruane Cunniff in 2017. he began his investing career as an undergraduate, interning at the Yale Investments Office. He joined Bain Capital Credit as a summer analyst in 2005 and then, upon graduation, as a full-time analyst covering business services. From 2008-2016, Eric worked at Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo (GMO) on the Fundamental Equities team, also serving on the investment committee for the Global Equities division.

Eric graduated from Yale University, Summa Cum Laude, with a BA in Economics.

What advice do you have for aspiring investors?

Investing is the intersection of temperament, judgment, and insight. You’re born with the first and the second will come with time. But the third you can start honing right away. Treat every conversation you have and piece of information you consume as an opportunity to learn more about the world!

What surprises you most about Ruane Cunniff?

Like many of our peers, our firm is comprised of incredibly talented, hard-working, and diligent people. But what truly sets us apart is we consider our business a craft. We try to treat our clients like they’re family and their money like it’s our own. Our culture lives and breathes those principles, and it’s my favorite part about working here.

My favorite memory from my career so far is...

At a Ruane Cunniff holiday party a few years ago, two analysts performed an original music number extolling the virtues of value investing set to various Christmas carols. It should have been cringeworthy but it brought down the house. People come here because they love investing!

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