Jonathan Brandt

Jonathan is an analyst on the Sequoia team and is a Partner of Ruane Cunniff. Although Jonathan is a generalist, his primary coverage for many years has been Berkshire Hathaway.

Jonathan joined Ruane Cunniff in 1994.

Jonathan graduation from Stanford University with a BA in History.

How did you develop your investment philosophy/get interested in investing?

My father kept slipping investment reports under my bedroom door, starting at the age of about 10, and I couldn't eat dinner until I had written my initials with a cross to indicate that I had read it.

If I weren't an analyst, I would be...

I once took a personality test that said I should either be a security analyst or an interior decorator, so I guess I'd be choosing fabrics.

What’s your favorite Ruane Cunniff tradition?

Giving my colleagues nicknames.

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