Peter Bin

Peter Bin is an analyst on the Wishbone team and a Partner of Wishbone Management LP.

After an a summer internship at Sage Hill Capital preceding his freshman year, Peter joined Ruane Cunniff as an intern for two summers during college and then joined the firm full time upon graduation in 2015.

Peter graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics.

How did you develop your investment philosophy/get interested in investing?

At the risk of sounding cliched, I remember reading The Snowball by Alice Schroeder in high school and feeling like something clicked. The whole concept of value investing just felt like it made sense to me. I had already been playing around with a Scottrade brokerage account that my dad had opened up for me before then, but that's when I really started thinking about being a value investor as a career.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I love that there are countless things to learn about, whether it's new companies, industries, technologies, countries, cultures, founders and entrepreneurs, the list goes on... You just never stop learning.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

I enjoy playing pick-up basketball and tennis, and I've also dabbled in chess ever since I watched The Queen's Gambit during COVID.

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